022 - Prague Market Interspaces CZE, competition

Together with Echo Urban Design, Mulder Zonderland have reached the finals of the international competition for the Prague Market Interspaces in the Czech Republic.


The exhibition with all designs submitted worldwide opened this week on the premises of the Exchange in the Prague Market Halls organised by CCEA MOBA.The project is unique because of its sensitivity. The old slaughterhouse markets at the Moldau River are more than 100 years old, and together they have monument status. Since the closing of the slaughterhouses, companies, shops, restaurants and creative industries have moved in.


The jury appreciates our bold concept. The river biotope is literally and figuratively drawn into the area planning. This new ring park is an integral solution to realising an ecologically and climate-adaptive robust area and acts as an intermediary for the people from the adjacent neighbourhoods and the entrepreneurs, visitors, creatives and tourists who visit the market.The project is an integrated sustainable urban design on both a system and detail level. More space is created for greenery by buffering rainwater in the market streets and providing them with semi-submerged utility gutters for all subsurface infrastructures. The public space is easier and cheaper to maintain, and we provide the ultimate conditions for flourishing and healthy greenery throughout all seasons.Inspired by past features of the market, we have designed characteristic places inside and around the market. These flexible public spaces offer space for various events and activities and are located in and around the planned area. This social network boosts the local economy and puts the location on the map for the outside world.

The exhibition is open until July 1, 2022.

Prague, Czech Republic
Competition 2022
Leisure, culture, landscape
ECHO Urban Design